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Paperless Medical Billing That Prevents Clutter

Your front office staff would probably agree that the only thing worse than the time it takes to handle billing is the paperwork that's associated with it. While it makes sense to maintain some hard copies, you do not have to stockpile all information. M&D Professional Billing Services provides you with space-saving digital solutions for maintaining and organizing billing information.

Paperless Workflow

As a paperless medical billing company, we have eliminated traditional paper-based document submission. We offer sophisticated file management capabilities with a range of solutions to meet your workflow needs, including secure FTP, scanning, XML, or HL7 interface.

All data is maintained electronically and no files are lost, mixed up, confused, or forgotten. Slash days off the AR cycle by circumventing courier or mail and ensuring rapid claim submission, while increasing collections by ensuring that no document is lost.

Electronic Billing

EHR & Interfaces

Solve your software needs with our company's options that include electronic health records (EMR/EHR), practice management software (PMS), and document management (DM). Additionally, we can interface to your existing EHR, RIS, LIS, HIS, or other system via HL7 interface. This provides you a seamlessly integrated medical billing company and software/EHR solution.

Coding complexity is increasing rapidly, which allows us to catch and correct medical coding and billing errors before they impede the flow of business. Using Apache software, we safeguard your practice against incorrect medical codes, data entry mistakes, and missing information, all of which can amount to costly delays, denials, and re-submissions.

Most importantly, Apache reduces your compliance risk with accurate coding. Apache Health is HIPAA-compliant and follows rigorous standards for protection of patient information (PHI). We also employ multiple levels of backup and redundancy with data stored at state-of-the-art secure collocation facilities.


Opening a new dental or medical office can be daunting, but we can save your staff time and effort on patient billing. To make sure you receive proper payment for the care you provide, we offer:

  • Startup Support
  • Fee-Schedule Optimization
  • Bench-Marking
  • Network Participation Consulting
  • Payer Contracting & Negotiations
  • & More